Essential Business Chequing

If your business writes cheques sparingly, this account provides ten transactions per month along with printed and electronic record keeping for a monthly fee of just $10.

Advantage Business Chequing

For a business that requires 30 or fewer cheques per month, this account provides complete record keeping for a monthly service fee of $20.

Advantage Plus business Chequing

When more activity is required this account provides 60 transactions per month for just $35.00. And overdraft protection is always free.

Premium Business Chequing

When writing cheques is a daily occurrence this account provides 100 transactions per month with the ability to bank by phone, Internet or debit card for a monthly fee of $50.00

Community Chequing

One of the commitments of every credit union is that we assist and reinvest in the communities we serve.  The PACE Community Chequing account is just one way in which we assist by offering a no fee chequing account to local schools, charities, churches and other non-profit organizations.

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