Smart Ways to Save

Information on savings and investment types, options, setting goals and choosing a financial advisor.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) ensures federally regulated financial entities comply with consumer protection measures, promotes financial education and raises consumers’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities.

Service and Information for you:

Saving and Investments

The basics of investing

Common types of investments, risk levels, costs and fees.

Savings and investments: rights and responsibilities

Your rights as an investor in registered savings plans or other investment products.

Savings and pension plans

Registered savings plans for individuals (contributors) and plan administrators.

Setting up an emergency fund

Why you need an emergency fund, how to set it up and tips to use it.

Education Funding

Budgeting for student life

Student expenses, reducing costs and determining where your money will come from.\

Paying back student debt

Paying back student loans or lines of credit, including what to do if you have trouble making payments.

Working to pay for your education

Summer or part-time work, co-op programs, internships and tips for finding a job.

Student loans and bankruptcy

How bankruptcy can affect your student loan debts or find a repayment assistance plan.

Registered education savings plans (RESPs)

How an RESP works, who can apply and receive payments, and the rules on contributions.

Education planning and student aid

Plan for an education, save, budget, and explore student aid and career options.

Financial Goal Calculator

Calculate how to pay down debt and reach your savings goals.